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Yahuah's Calendar

March 11, 2013 - Breaking News from Israel and Nehemia Gordon:

The Barley is Abib!!
Here is a close-up of what abib barley looks like:

This is a very interesting year to say the least. We do not believe in setting dates for end-time events; however, many things appear to be lining up and converging upon this Spring. Yahuah is in charge, though. How much time we have is totally in His hands, not ours - and, certainly not in the hands of the Beast Government! This evil system has been trying to split the United States in half, using their wicked H.A.A.R.P. weapon of mass destruction to create massive earthquakes in the New Madrid Fault Zone, which basically follows the path of the Mississippi River up through the middle of our Country. This weapon has been aimed at the Fault Zone since May 4, 2011 - plus, the BP Oil Spill was orchestrated to weaken the Fault. By all rights, we should have seen several mega quakes in the area by now - but, Revelation 7:1-4 tells us where we are prophetically. Yahuah is holding back the winds of destruction in America and around the globe while He seals His set-apart ones for protection! "Watch, then, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape" the Great Tribulation at the end of this age! (Luke 21:36) For more information on the prophesied events we're watching, please check out our page, "In the News."

We've just finished celebrating Chanukah, according to the visible crescent new moon calendar. This means the first and last days of Chanukah were on Monday evenings (Dec. 10 and 17), not on the evenings after Sabbath (Dec. 8 and 15), which is shown on the Jewish calendar. We hope you all have enjoyed a wonderfully joyous Chanukah this year. We not only celebrated the re-dedication of the temple, but we re-dedicated our own temples (our bodies) to Father Yahuah and Yahusha Messiah.

Did everyone have a great Sukkot this year? We enjoyed our little camp out and have several tee shirts, a mouse pad and a medium size banner to show for it! Okay, so maybe we got a little carried away, but hey, it's the Feast - what can we say? We enjoyed it immensely - especially all the food!!
As you can see, the Fall Feast schedule for this year (2012) is now up on the calendar. We are greatly looking forward to our Sukkot camp-out here in north Georgia at Talona Creek Campground in Talking Rock. If you're interested in coming with us this year, there's still time to email us at Sorry, but we can't take anymore reservations after Yom Kaphar (the Day of Atonement, shown on the calendar as Yom Kippur).

We had a wonderful Shavuot assembly on Skype! We have been able to link  many brethren together through Skype for Sabbath, New Moons and Feast days. If you're interested in joining us - especially, those of you who have no place to go to be with brethren - we'd love to have you. We welcome all! If we end up with too many folks for Skype to handle, we will switch to Paltalk. I've already set up a chat room there in case we need to use it. Ideally, we all should be in one place together - Yahrushalom - but sadly, that is impossible in this end time, since we are all so scattered. 
We have been linking brethren together through Skype for the past several Shabbats and have had many meaningful midrashes! If you would be interested in participating in a Skype link with us, please let us know. Email us at or We are also on Facebook! This is my personal Facebook page, so if we're not already "friends," please "friend" me! We hope to put up a Facebook page for the website soon.
We hope you all had a wonderful Yom Teruah - Day of Trumpets! We always learn something on our Skype midrashes and you're welcome to join us any time. Just let us know if you're interested. We're posting the Karaite's New Moon Report for Yom Teruah here:

Karaite Korner Newsletter #563

New Moon of Yom Teruah Sighted!

On Monday September 17, 2012 the new moon was sighted by numerous observers
Across Israel. The moon was sighted:

*from Poriya Illit by Randy Boer at 6:48;
*from Jerusalem by David Cachicas at 6:48pm and shortly thereafter by Daniela
Cachicas, Victor Marquis, and Rick Busenbark;
*from Pisgat Masuah by Willie Ondricek and Tina Ondricek at 6:48;
*from Kefar Eldad by Yoel Halevi at 6:52;
*from Mount Yoash by Nehemia Gordon at 6:54pm and shortly thereafter by Keith
Johnson and Washington Sanchez;
*from Ariel at 6:56pm by Charlotte Mecklenburg and shortly thereafter by Frank
*from Sderot by Paola Manucci at 6:56pm and shortly thereafter by Yonit
Nathanel, Tzvi Ben Daniel, and eight others;
*from Hebron by Gershom Qiprisci and Ellen Qiprisci at 7:00pm
*from Beer Milkah by Tim Boer and Bruce Brill at 7:04pm and shortly thereafter
By Meggy Willmann;
*from near Caesarea by Ramona Frank and her husband at 7:03pm;
*from another location in Jerusalem by Shiloh David at 7:07pm;
*from Mount Gerizim by Tommy Hammer at 7:07pm and shortly thereafter Sean
Lanahan and Mark Sommers.

My photo of the new moon from Mount Yoash in the Eilat Mountains is posted at:

Nehemia Gordon
The Wandering Jew in the Negev Desert

We will have a short Skype meeting tonight at 8:30 Eastern time (6:30 Mountain). The moon should be visible in some areas at this time, though we have a lot of clouds here in north GA.

Kirk will blow the shofar to announce the Feast day and our assembly. Our service will take place as usual at 4 PM tomorrow.

Happy Yom Teruah!!


Dennis & Shushannah


We realize that many of you aren't aware we should be keeping the New Moon days. The reason for this is because they aren't listed in Leviticus 23. However, there are many scriptures which prove they are to be kept. Please study into this subject for yourself, reading as many of these scriptures as possible. We will list several of them here:

Amos 8:1-5 - No buying or selling on New Moon days.
Numbers 10:10 - Blow the trumpets (signaling all the congregation to assemble) on the New Moon days.
Numbers 28:11-15 - Offerings given on the New Moon days.
1Samuel 20 - Feast on the New Moon days.
2Kings 4:16-23 - Priest or prophet around on the New Moon days.
Ezra 3:5 - Offering on New Moon days.
Ezra 10:16,17 - New Moon days used to seek Yahuah's will and scripture study.
Psalm 81:3-4 Blow the trumpets on the New Moon days.
Genesis 1:14-19 & Psalm 104:19 - He made the moon for appointed times (moedim).
Isaiah 66:23 & Ezekiel 46:1-14 - The New Moon day is a day of worship. Gates of inner courtyard to be open on Sabbaths and New Moons.
1Chronicles 2:1-4 The house of Yahuah is open on the New Moon days, Sabbaths and Feast days.
1Chronicles 23:25-32 (especially, v. 31) - New Moons are considered important along with Sabbaths and Feast days.
2Chronicles 2:1-4 The house of Yahuah open on the New Moon days, Sabbaths and Feast days.
2Chronicles 8:12,13; 31:1-3; Ezra 3:4,5 -The day of the New Moon important like Sabbaths and Feast days.
Nehemiah 10:33 The New Moon days are set-apart like the Sabbaths and Feast days.
Colossians 2:16,17 - We are not to let others (in the world) judge us on how we keep New Moons, Sabbaths and Feast days, except for the assemblies of Yahuah.
Jeremiah 31:35,36 - Sun is for light by day and the laws of the moon and stars for light by night. "If these laws vanish from before Me," declares Yahuah, "then, the seed of Yashra'el shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever."
Note: The Hebrew word chodesh (crescent new moon) is mentioned 250 times in the scriptures - far too many times to be ignored.
Calendar Confusion

If you were an Israelite living back when King David was alive or as recently as during Yahusha Messiah's days on earth, there would be no confusion about when to keep the Feast Days of Leviticus 23 or when a new month began. They were all in one accord. Unfortunately, in these end times, some people are even confused about which day the Sabbath is or when a day begins. We live in a Babylon of confusion! In fact, all this confusion began while Israel was in Babylonian captivity. While in Babylon, they began following pagan practices, including their calendars, and worshipping pagan gods. Before this time, life was simple. Israel observed Yahuah's appointed times according to the Genesis 1:14 model:

"And Elohim said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years."

The Israelites looked for the first new crescent moon to begin each month. The New Moon always appears just after sundown. As the sun sets, the moon rises and is easily seen (unless clouds prevent it) with the naked eye. Here's what the crescent New Moon looks like:  Here's a close-up view of the new crescent:  Since months (going by lunar phases) lasted either 29 or 30 days, even if it was cloudy and they couldn't find the moon on the 29th day, they knew it would have to be there on the 30th. Why, that's simple enough that even a little child could understand it! That's the Creator's way of doing things. Leave it up to man to complicate matters! Since Babylonian times, some began using the conjunction or dark phase of the moon, saying this was the first day of the month. A fellow called Hillel II even created a calculated calendar, going by the conjunction, which most of the Jews still follow today. It comes complete with even more complications called "postponements." That means if a Feast Day falls on a day next to a Sabbath, they'll simply postpone it until another day. The thing is, Yahuah says we're to hold His Feast Days when He says to hold them, not before or after! He tells us in His Word not to add or take away from the things He commands us to do (Deuteronomy 12:32) and folks, Yahuah means what He says! If you arrive a day later than a scheduled doctor appointment, the doctor won't see you. How much more important are our appointments with our Creator? If you're a day late for an appointment with Yahuah, He's not there! That's how imperative it is for us to get His calendar right! For information explaining the calendar more in depth, click 

Looking at a modern calendar today, you'll notice it looks nothing like Yahuah's scriptural calendar. In observing those modern calendars which actually show the moon's phases, you'll notice there's no consistency to them. That is, the first day of a "month," such as January, may start in the middle or at the end of a lunar cycle, instead of at the beginning of one. Here's what a true calendar should look like:  This calendar shows a month and a half - that is, one and a half lunar cycles. Day 1 of the month is the first visible crescent shown at the top. There's another Day 1 of the following month shown on the next to last row. See how simple the Creator's calendar is! Why do us humans just have to try to complicate it???

We go by the visual sightings in Jerusalem, since scripture states that "the law shall go forth from Zion" (Isaiah 2:3). We will be posting the New Moon Reports from Jerusalem here on this page, as time permits. Here is one we received on  June 23, 2009:

Karaite Korner Newsletter #392

New Moon Report
June 2009
Fourth Biblical Month

On Tuesday June 23, 2009 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The moon was
first sighted from Jerusalem at 20:14 by Nehemia Gordon and then immediately
thereafter by Joelle Crawshaw, Adam Kinghorn, and Eliyahu Netanel. The moon was
also sighted from Ashdod by Magdi Shamuel at 20:13.

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
Happy New Moon!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

We receive the New Moon reports monthly from the Karaite Jews' website, The Karaite Jews have continued the scriptural way of observing the crescent new moon down through the years, unlike their Orthodox brethren. 



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