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We've found some excellent videos & messages for you. Take a look at the following:

First, here's a quick link to a 3 minute video made by Paul Harvey in 1965:

Remember Ron Wyatt, the guy who claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant? We, at, believe he DID find it, but others have been trying to discredit him - even after his death. To help clarify that time period, Wyatt's two sons went to the excavation area in Israel and created this documentary to show believers why they're certain their dad actually found the Ark of the Covenant.

You'll also want to see and hear this conference in which Ron Wyatt's son Ronny and his daughter Michelle, plus a few close friends, participated. It's in both English and Spanish. One of the comments made as to WHY the SDA church is officially against Wyatt's discoveries is something of which we've been aware for some time: the church is in apostasy! It's been taken over by Jesuits, as have ALL churches, but especially those which keep Shabbat, as the SDAs do. Another comment speaks volumes: When 6 Lewites went into the cave to recover the Ark, they were KILLED by the makekim (angels) guarding it! Only Ron Wyatt was humble enough to be allowed access to the Ark - and, fearful of others dying, as well, the Israeli government sent Wyatt in to recover the bodies of the dead men. 

If you watch no other video on this page, you need to watch this one! It's all about the NWO's "Depopulation Agenda," which means, in laymen's terms, they want to KILL you, your children and grandchildren! These are criminally-insane Satan worshipers!! Unfortunately, they also happen to possess most of the world's wealth. This video examines and exposes their methods being used NOW against YOU!

Understanding money is something the NWO doesn't want you to do, but the peoples' lack of comprehension of where money comes from has caused this "century of enslavement" in which we all live. This video will explain:

The following is a short movie entitled, "First Day of the Second American Civil War." This movie was NOT made in Hollywood. It was made by patriotic Americans. Please pray for all Americans, because this country is going into civil war against the beast government. Most do not possess the knowledge we have. They only see that the American Constitution is being trampled out of existence, along with most of its citizens and they're fighting back! The beast planned this war and is orchestrating it to kill as many of us as it can. It's very well done and probably pretty accurate. It's only 15 minutes long, so please watch:

This man, Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, was arrested in Montana last year (2013) for fishing without a license. When he came to court, he represented himself as "the natural living man," because in legalese, that's what he truly is. He isn't the "straw man" they created on his birth certificate. This is a three hour long lecture he gave to help people like you and me comprehend the corporate fiction we've been placed under by fraud.

Do dinosaurs live today? This documentary brings to light many proofs that dinosaurs were created on the 6th day, along with all the other animals - and mankind! Dinosaurs were taken on the ark with Noah and his family and many of them exist to this day.

Roman Catholic Bishop admits Sabbath truth!!

Do you think evil has come to its full? We say, "Yeah, and it's been there for some time." Watch this:

Dr. Russell Blaylock talks about what's in chemtrails and how it effects our bodies. He also mentions vaccines and what they're doing to our children. Ever wonder why so many children have autism? Why do people get Alzheimer's disease?

This video explains what the name Nibiru means. It's another name for Satan the devil! 

We found this short video accidentally, while searching for the latest "Paradigm Shift" message from Todd and Tamara. It will change your outlook on life! It did for us.

Here's another video with a graphic message for all of us. You will see an extremely heroic dog. People - not so much. Hopefully, this will also change some lives!

Have you ever desired to be famous? Perhaps you wanted to become a famous singer/musician or actor/actress in the movies. When you watch this next video, you'll thank your Creator you didn't get your desire! Those who have reached stardom have truly sold their souls to the devil and most openly admit it, but they haven't come to the understanding of what that entails - yet! They will one day soon and will abhor themselves!! For now, they're loving their messed-up and crazy lives given over to demonic spirits!! Watch this:

We have believed that Big Foot (Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, etc) is a Nephilim for some time. This scientist calls them a "Human Hybrid," which is what the Nephilim are: descended from fallen angels mating with human females. Watch these two videos and become a believer:

You can watch the complete press conference with Dr. Ketchum and her team at

Though some of the Sasquatch come across as playful, the 2 that Mike Woolly encountered were angry and out for blood - his blood! He was very frightened and believes he barely lived to tell this story. The sketch he had drawn shows a very human face with an angry, demonic countenance. We can't see the shape of the skull, but many Bigfoot researchers have described them as having conically shaped heads, the same as the ancient Nephilim giants. Described as being between 7-9.5 feet tall, they're definitely giants!! 

Here's a video Glenn Beck made just prior to the election in 2012. If "we the people" had had anything to do with the "election," we would have a different President now. Unfortunately, that's not the way it works. The so-called "elite" select the American President, according to their own purposes. This is the Truth about Barak Obama:

Some amazing prophecies which can only refer to the time in which we're living! You must NOT take the mark of the beast, but rather, have the mark of Yahuah - obedience to His commands!

This video will astound you! It's called, "Ancient Knowledge." Literally, it's the knowledge or a portion of the knowledge known by the ancients - the builders of the pyramids. They knew mathematics and how to control the earth's magnetic flow. It's over 3 hours long, so you may want to watch it a little at the time, but it's well-done and will keep you thinking. Do watch it through till the end, because that's where you'll start to see some astounding things. There's another part coming (hopefully soon!), which may actually show us how the pyramids were built!

A relatively short history lesson we're going to call, "Nuclear Basics," though this isn't the actual name of the documentary. It
 will show you the near future - in at least some parts of the world: 

We're calling these next three videos "The Matrix - 101," because 1) almost nobody knows about these things and 2) everything you think you know is wrong:

Here's a video which shows who is actually spraying us with those chem-trails! The chem-trails themselves look unusually thick and some are blood red! Watch:

Want to live forever? Some are trusting the new nanobot technologies, but you won't get there using this system! You will get there, if you're diligently keeping Torah and believe in Yahusha HaMashiach, who will forgive your sins and grant you mercy - unmerited pardon - that you might obtain eternal life as a spirit being!!

Do you know who David Ike is? According to, he is a Jesuit, one of many upon whom has fallen the task of exposing the truth about what the powerful elite are orchestrating - a new world order with one world government. The following video was recorded in 2003 and reveals much about American history, our founders and the capital city:

If you live in the United States of America and believe you're free, think again. Here's the plain truth of the matter:

Civil war, famine, disease - all coming to America! 96% of Americans are now labeled "terrorists." Why? You won't believe this. It's apocalyptic and it's REAL in the here and now! Are you awake, yet?

The following video shows the significance some apply to the year 2016. It's an interesting collage of mathematical facts, imagery, today's news stories and speculation about the soon coming Great Tribulation at the end of the age.

If you missed Jonathan Cahn's speech at the President's Inaugural Breakfast on January 21st of this year, here it is:

This is the latest video from Trey Smith. He's a very entertaining and informative video-maker on YouTube. We've just finished watching it, ourselves, and we're certain you'll enjoy it as much as we have. It's all about the Nephillim of Bereshith (Genesis) 6.

What's your perspective of this world? Some would say that depends upon your individual point of view, but does it - really? Are you familiar with the Borg and its collective mentality? The "elite" 2% that controls this world under ha shatan is turning us all into Borgs! This video will explain just how controlled we are, as the human race. It also gives at least part of the solution to that control, but the greatest part, and the one it leaves out, is repentance of breaking our Creator Yahuah's laws. Please watch. We believe you'll find this presentation to be quite interesting.

We've been saying we're close to the end of the age for quite some time now, but just how close are we? The following video should put things into perspective for you!

This is some old news; that is, news we've told before. The news hasn't happened, yet, so it's actually future news. We've put up other videos and links to articles concerning what's coming in earth's near future. What's coming is certain. This scientist has done a lot of research and has set dates of August - November 2013. Obviously, we look at things from a different perspective here at When it actually occurs will be in Yahuah's time-frame. We're not selling everything we own to stock up on food, water and build an underground fallout shelter, because our faith is in Yahuah, our Creator. He has promised to take care of His own. Our reason for sharing this knowledge with you is that we are some of Yahuah's watchmen (Ezekiel 33:1-6). If we didn't warn you of this impending disaster, your blood would be on our hands. With the proper warning, we're hoping you will draw closer to Yahuah, so that He may count you worthy to escape. Now, please watch this video.

Something many of us have known for 30 years or longer is now being brought out to the general public from an unlikely source. Do you know America's connection to Israel? This man does - surprisingly!!

Geo-engineering: nano-bugs, aluminum and fluoride falling from the skies, genetically modified foods, weather control and modification - who's behind all this insanity? In case you haven't heard, the inmates are running the asylum. That is, the criminally insane multi-billionaires, the 1% of humanity who own everything (humanly speaking) are destroying planet earth and all life upon it!! Our book, "The Untold Story," offered below as an eBook, brings out a lot of this information, but it was written 4 years ago. Much more is being understood and brought out now and the following YouTube presentation contains huge amounts of information on how they're destroying all life and killing our planet! Animals and people are dying! But, praise be to Yahuah and His Son Yahusha, for they will soon put a stop to this insanity!! Make sure you're on their side by keeping the Commandments, watching and praying always; then, stand still and behold, for your deliverance draws near. This radio interview is a must listen!
Since we're always adding new things to the website, here's something for music lovers! Shushannah has created a choral score for SATB from one of her songs, "We Will Always be Seventeen." Accompaniment is for piano, guitar, flute, bass guitar and drums. Please contact us (use contact form below), if you're interested in performing this work. Thanks.

We Will Always Be Seventeen by Shushannah

*RED ALERT!* Resistance is futile against this New World Order plan to murder and/or control every human being on planet earth! It's all laid out in a NASA Warfare document discovered on NASA's website back in 2001 - before 9/11! You need to watch this video to understand what's happening in today's world. We have only ONE hope for a future: Yahuah's Kingdom, which will surely come in the very near future! We must make ourselves ready for Messiah's return! Now, educate yourselves by watching this video:

The following video is all about the Great Tribulation. Unfortunately, he is setting dates, something which we always discourage, since everyone who has ever done this has been wrong. Otherwise, however, it's a great video filled with good information on the New World Order and what they've been doing. Regarding the dates, you may draw your own conclusions:

The son of an Illuminati member speaks out on a talk show!

Those of us who are alive today in America have no idea what it means to have to scrape out a living for ourselves and our families. Many of us will soon learn this lesson, though, in the Great Tribulation. When there's no money and there are no jobs to be found, Americans will be forced to find ways to survive, even as our grandparents and great-grandparents had to in the great depression during the 1930s - only there will be no 'New Deal' to bail us out.
Many will find themselves in NWO death camps and we pray for you and your families, your children and grandchildren. We may all have to dig deeper than we've ever thought possible to find the strength and the faith to live in the face of certain death. This film may or may not wake us up, but the Great Tribulation will most certainly shake us awake to the stark reality of what it means to live in bondage under Satan's rule. However, the TRUTH will set us FREE! Yahusha Messiah, come quickly!!
Here's another nail in the coffin of the evolution theory and more proof for an intelligent Creator! It's a short, yet quite informative video. We think you'll enjoy it.

The following documentary shows a transformation in the minds of a handful of young people. It proves that when you really get people thinking about the subject of right and wrong, most will choose what is right and moral. Although the video-maker has a traditional view of the Creator of all things, heaven and hell, we are embedding it here because of his ability to change people's minds. You may want to get your son and/or daughter to watch this one with you!

Remember John Lennon and the Beatles? Here's another one from the same film-maker, Ray Comfort:
This video is very telling as to why America is in so much trouble today! Unbelievably, people are actually signing petitions in California to support an Orwellian police state modeled after Nazi Germany, abolish the Second Amendment, supporting gun confiscation & allowing only criminals to own guns, and to inject our children with mercury-laden vaccines!! This insanity is a MUST WATCH:
Shalom Jewish brothers and sisters (and everyone else). Here's a great message from Messianic Rabbi Steven DeNoon that really nails it on prophecy, which is soon to unfold on the world scene from Jerusalem. Although he isn't using the correct names, as we understand them, this message is truly a MUST WATCH! In fact, we plan to start putting some video messages up on our Home Page and this will definitely be one of them.
Was the child Barry Soetoro (aka Barak Obama) part of Project Pegasus? Did he go to Mars in 1983? This man says he was and he did! He also claims that we've been colonizing Mars for the past 30 years. You may have heard of him. His name - Andrew Basiago. And, there's a second witness. Does this sound like a bunch of malarkey to you? You decide.

This up-coming video touches on something brought out by Jesse Ventura in his first season of Conspiracy Theory (series is available FREE - scroll down below). The episode was called, "Secret Societies," and it focused on the Bilderberg Group and how someone might infiltrate it to find out what goes on during their secret meetings.

Although no one actually gets inside the meeting, someone does tell Jesse that there are 7 men at the top - above the Bilderbergs - who dictate world policy, which the Group, in turn, discusses how to implement. After hearing this, we speculated that these 7 men were probably Jesuits directly under the black pope. We knew we had just been told who the 7 heads of the prophesied end-time Beast are. Although some of his conclusions are slightly different from ours, here is the second witness:

Petrus Romanus - Peter the Roman - the final pope has arrived! Here, Sid Roth does an interview with the authors of the book by the same name ("Petrus Romanus"), Tom Horn and Chris Putnam:

Have you ever wondered just how far advanced we really are technologically? Just how much of the so-called "science fiction" we watch in movies or on TV has become true science? Did they get the ideas from the movies or - what if those movies were made from existing technology? We know from the Illuminati video we found (scroll down below) that they (the Illuminati) often produce these movies!

We found two videos of our military soldiers wearing cloaking uniforms! That's right!! Cloaking technology isn't Star Trek anymore - it's reality! Please watch the following:

Here are some questions to ponder while watching and listening to this next video of interviews taped in 1989: Do worm-holes/vortexes to other space-times/dimensions actually exist? Can they be brought into existence through the control of human thought amplified exponentially by high-powered and focused electromagnetic transmitters? What about invisibility and time travel? What really happened to The Eldridge in a Philadelphia harbor back in 1943 ("The Philadelphia Experiment")? And, if men could create invisibility/space-time travel in that time period, what technologies might they have acquired since? Check out these astute examples:

Consider Revelation 13:4
"And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"

Whether you're familiar with Ron Wyatt's discoveries or not, we invite you to watch this video about them. Wyatt, throughout his lifetime, only desired to prove the Word of Scripture true by finding artifacts which were described within its pages. Perhaps the most famous of all his findings was the Ark of the Covenant:

Are you familiar with the Borg? They were introduced in the television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation in the early 1990s and they are genetically-modified and engineered computer-enhanced humanoids with mechanized parts - basically, a cross between humans and robots. The Borg have no gender and don't reproduce as humanoids; rather, they genetically engineer their young, incubating them in environmentally sealed cubicles. So, what does a science fiction program have to do with a website about truth? Welcome to your future as the Borg! You won't want to miss this video we found:

Here's another possible use for chem-trails. Some of you may have heard about Project Blue Beam - Blue Beam holographic technology. We know holograms have been around at least since the 1960s, because Walt Disney incorporated them into his haunted house at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Now, fast forward to the 21st century and you'll discover that yesterday's science fiction has become today's science:

This next video is a MUST SEE for everybody you know!! We plan to offer the DVD on this website as soon as we are able to download it and make copies. It is all about the New World Order Beast. In fact, it begins with one of its own representatives speaking to you as though you were one of their newest recruits. They tell you exactly what they've been doing, what they are doing and what they plan to do in the near future. Are you ready? One, two, three - WATCH!

The "alien agenda" is something many people don't take seriously. This next video will perhaps give you a different perspective on who they are and who they are working with. Dr. Karla Turner was herself an abductee, who began researching the experiences of others like herself. She has written several books on the subject including, "Taken" and "Masquerade of Angels." She died of an unexplained cancer on January 10, 1996, after being repeatedly threatened and harassed with extreme pressure to discontinue her research into ufology and MAAR (Malevolent Alien Abduction Research). She had always been healthy and was only 48 years old at her death. It is stated on YouTube that she was murdered by the CIA! Although it's rather long (2:03:57), we suggest you watch the following speech given by Dr. Turner and we'll also link to her books here:

*We've noticed that the prices are extremely high! Usually, Amazon is very reasonable, so we've done some research of our own and discovered that all of Dr. Karla Turner's books have been BANNED!! Thus, they are out of print. This is why the prices are so high!! We also discovered a website where you can download them for FREE!!!. Click here.*

Here's a full-length documentary which proves that the so-called "aliens" could only be demons! It's excellently done, bringing in Scripture, such as Genesis 6 and a little known verse in the book of Daniel. The verse in Daniel clues us in on what the real "alien agenda" will be and how the Beast government and its cohorts - the fallen angels themselves - plan to deceive mankind into making war on their true Savior - Yahusha Messiah! This one is a MUST WATCH!!!

If you're with us so far, you know what the "aliens" really are. They are Satan and his demons. Fallen angels or demons, as some call them, have been testified of in Scripture as having come down to earth in human-like form and mated with the daughters of men. Their offspring were giants and the remains of some of them have been dug up by present day archeologists. Their bloodline - Satan's seed - remains upon the earth to this day! This next video makes plain Satan's hidden agenda behind the New World Order: he desires to be worshiped!

The following testimonies from American citizens at the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues are REAL. Innocent people here in the United States are being experimented upon and tortured by the NWO Beast government and it's been going on for years!! Scripture says no man can make war against this System, but we know Yahuah can and will!! MK Ultra Mind Control is reality. Please listen to your fellow citizens' testimonies:

Here's a very entertaining and informative video about the Book of Enoch:

This next one is a must watch video for anyone who uses Facebook! We have been using the social network as a tool for teaching Truth. We believe we have dropped enough seeds on that piece of fertile ground. Those who have listened to us have learned the true Names of Yahuah and Yahusha, the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts of Yahuah, plus the paganism of Christianity. They know much about the NWO Beast and what their plans for humanity are, due to our diligent postings. There will be no more. We felt a need to place this video on both our news site and our videos and links site. Please watch!

This little three minute trailer will definitely spark your interest in a subject we all need to understand more - spiritual warfare. Like it or not, we are engaged in a constant battle against wicked spirits in high places. We recommend you not only watch this trailer, but go to Jim Staley's website or YouTube channel and watch the full length video. Warning: he is using incorrect names for the Father and Son; however, we consider his message to be a timely one of extreme importance!

We had a tough time trying to decide whether to embed this video here or on our news page. Ultimately, we chose to place it here, because this news has yet to happen and we hope it doesn't happen at all. However, we understand that the H.A.A.R.P. antenna array has been aimed at the New Madrid fault area for some time now. Recently, many people from all across these United States have heard loud BOOMS as the tectonic plates beneath the surface of the Earth shift and buckle under us. Some have heard the unique humming sound characteristic of the H.A.A.R.P. device, also. Another sign of the array's activity we might look for is lights in the sky similar to the Aurora Borealis. If you see this phenomenon in the Southern United States, you can be sure it is NOT the Aurora Borealis! Why are we mentioning these things here? The video below explains what has been happening and is currently happening in the area of the New Madrid Fault. Although the H.A.A.R.P. device is not mentioned, we know it is a major player in the giant earthquake the NWO elite hope to create in the near future. If you live in the affected states, it is imperative that you watch this video now:

This video connects the coming New Madrid Fault Zone disaster with the BP Gulf Oil spill:

The next video shows a U.S. Navy map of future America - after the planned New Madrid Fault Line earthquake:

Since we believe this New Madrid Fault Line earthquake is a planned event for 2013, we urge you to watch all of these videos we've researched for you. This next one puts several elements of it together, including the H.A.A.R.P. and FEMA links:

This upcoming video shows scenes from the movie, "2012," which gives you an idea of the level of devastation to expect. Although we agree with the information given, we do not believe this person is a "prophet," as he claims to be. We disagree with his assessment that Obama is the Beast and Netanyahu is his False Prophet. We simply desire to warn you of the impending disaster which the NWO elite have been orchestrating for America. We believe they were hoping their devastating earthquake would happen in 2011 or at least by 2012. The H.A.A.R.P. array has been concentrated on this area for over a year and a half now. Please read Revelation 7:1-4, which speaks of the time we're now in. There are 4 messengers on the earth holding back the 4 winds of destruction. Yahuah tells them not to hurt the earth until His servants are sealed in their foreheads. We don't believe in setting dates; however, we do see destruction coming and we are blowing the trumpet that you may know it, as well. The destruction will be sudden and will likely coincide with war in the Middle East and precipitate global financial collapse, beginning with the U.S. dollar. All these things mark the beginning of the Great Tribulation and the Time of Jacob's Trouble. Here's our next video pick on this topic:

Here are a few links affirming H.A.A.R.P.'s involvement in the New Madrid Fault Line zone:

Mishpokah (believing family), only Yahuah Himself could possibly delay this major quake for so long!! As you'll see from reading this next article, the H.A.A.R.P. antenna array has been aimed at the New Madrid Fault Line since May 13, 2011!!! One of the above links even states that the NWO began their assault on the New Madrid area with H.A.A.R.P. on May 4th, 2011!!! Brethren, please read Revelation 7:1-4. Abba Yahuah is doing this for our sakes! We must make ourselves ready, so He can seal us from the inevitable and eminent Great Tribulation.

Although this next article does contain vital information about H.A.A.R.P. and the New Madrid Fault Line, it also contains junk predictions of "world peace," an "end to poverty" and the "earth reborn." These things will happen only after the Great Tribulation prophesied in Scripture comes to a close - when Yahusha Messiah returns to rule the earth with a rod of iron.

The following link gives some more information on "population control," as they put it. This is the whole reason behind their putting fluoride into our drinking water:

The ultimate end game of Agenda 21 is vast population reduction. 93% of the current population is to be murdered by the NWO Globalists!! You'll find this on the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton County, Georgia, where it states that the global population should not exceed 500,000,000. Alex Jones gives us additional information on how they expect humans to live in their New World Order:

This next video link adds more information still: they're poisoning our food!

Remember Ron Wyatt? He's the guy who supposedly found the Ark of the Covenant below where Messiah was put to death and His blood was on the Mercy Seat! This is a statement concerning the Ark which he recorded as he lay dying of cancer:

Have you been hearing stuff about  coming polar shift? Whether you've checked it out and become a believer or you think it's total poppycock, these 
The following episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura was reportedly banned. It's called, "Police State" and, incidentally, we offer this episode (FREE) on DVD as part of Conspiracy Theory Season 2 (to order scroll down below):

This next video is more like science fiction. If you're familiar with Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theory series (we offer it here on this website), this episode will more than blow your mind! It's all about how our government is supposedly using Time Travel: 
Here's another Conspiracy Theory that opens some doors into the Truth. This one goes right along with the planned New Madrid Fault earthquakes orchestrated by the Illuminati/NWO "elite," who worship Satan the devil. They want to kill the rest of us who don't! They plan to watch us die, in a fortress just high enough and far enough away from the disaster to get a good vantage point! It is obvious that they are criminally insane, as they are ensuring their owndemise in the lake of fire - unless - can they even repent of this???? That's up to Yahuah. We just watch, pray and show you what we find:

Dr. Ron Paul reacts to the secession issue:
Everyone needs to watch the next video, because it
WILL affect your life! This is all about the "Health Care" bill they passed. After viewing this information, you may want to read Yasha-Yahu (Isaiah) 47:6, especially if you're a senior citizen or you have parents and/or grandparents who are. Here's the diabolical news:

Here's a short video Rand Paul made associating the time in which we now live with the book, "1984." Needless to say, "1984" was way ahead of its time. I read it when I was in high school in the late 1960s when the year 1984 seemed futuristic and far away. Now, from my current perspective - in 2012 - 1984 seems almost quaint. I mean, it was nearly 30 years ago!

Now, in 2012, Big Brother has certainly arrived on the scene with extra-long tentacles and thousands of eyes and listening devices everywhere! Here's Senator Rand Paul's statement:
We just got through celebrating Chanukah, according to the visible crescent new moon calendar! We used the time not only to commemorate the victory over Antiochus and the re-dedication of the temple, but also as a time to re-dedicate our own temples (our bodies) to Yahuah and Yahusha Messiah. We recently purchased a beautiful small gold plated menorah from the Jerusalem Gift Shop. They were very kind to us, considering the fact that we called them at 4 AM Jerusalem time! Ian, the shop owner, happened to be awake and took our call. Now, the number we dialed was a California number, so we had no idea it was re-directed to Israel. Nonetheless, Ian not only took the call, but was kind enough to give us a free miniature cup made from olive wood with our order! In return, yet unbeknown to Ian, we are promoting his little gift shop here on this website! We want all our visitors to know that WE SUPPORT ISRAEL!!!

Christian Gifts Direct from Jerusalem
We Support Israel - Shop for Gifts from Jerusalem here

If you're of Jewish descent, these next few videos are tailor made for you. It's understandable why many Jews are reluctant to accept Yahusha as their Messiah. It is because of the things taught by the Christians, which, if they were true, would utterly disqualify Him! Thankfully, it is Christianity's beliefs about Him which are the fables, along with that abominable Greek name J-sus! The Truth is Yahusha is the Messiah and He is completely qualified. Please study the texts, if you're in doubt. We also highly recommend a book called, "The Messiah," by Todd D. Bennett.  We think you'll enjoy the following videos in Hebrew with English sub-titles:

Could you be unknowingly feeding your children pesticides? The following short flick says, "Yes!" And, everytime you take your family out for a meal, the restaurants seem to be cooking with those same nasty pesticides. Hmmm...what's going on with that? We really hope you'll watch this one!

Here's a link to another Messianic Jew's message about finding the Mashyach in the Tanakh. He brings out some interesting points from the book of Zechariah.
Before we list more videos, here are some quick links to topics we believe you'll find quite interesting:

The following comes from Hebrew Nation's Todd & Tamara with their Podcast called Paradigm Shift. The only thing we don't agree with is they appear to be using the dark moon, instead of the crescent for the calendar reckoning. Otherwise, we're sure you'll find this one fascinating:
This next link goes along with the first video about the nano-technology - chilling!
The rest of these are all different topics we think you'll want to know about:
Many people are suffering from chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer and diabetes. If you're like most people, you're following a standard treatment as prescribed by your doctor; however, if you desire to truly get well and leave disease behind forever, you might consider Gerson's Therapy. Please watch the following video:


There has been a recent influx of tens of thousands of UN military vehicles and weapons of war into this country, as though our government might be planning on having a war - but with whom? Us, my friend - you and me! Some political experts have been saying that Obama plans on declaring Martial Law before the end of this year.  Please check out these links:

We hope you will take the time to read these stories. They are all quite compelling -

Regarding Hurricane Sandy: We've updated this story on our "In The News" page. Will this massive storm cause enough of a crisis to warrant bringing in Martial Law on the East Coast of America? Could it even cause the elections to become suspended?

Hebrew Nation Radio connects the dots for us. Please listen to this short message, which shows us how Hurricane Sandy was a planned event - plus other shocking details! Here's the link:

Now, watch this video:

Here's another video we're sure will get your attention. It's all about how the Jesuits managed to sink the Titanic. There's an entire series here, which you may want to also watch. Very interesting and very well done!

Here's a man who was truly ahead of his time, because he paid attention to what had been going on around him in America. He saw how our government had gotten way out of hand - even back then. Listen to his words of wisdom:

  Do you know who the end-time anti-Messiah is? Can you prove it using the Scriptures? This man can! The following is an audio message by Steve Berkson. Although we disagree with him on his use of names for Father & Son, we felt the message was well worth putting up for you. We use the TRUE Names Yahuah and Yahusha and we CAN prove this from the original Hebrew. We just don't want you to be confused by the incorrect names Berkson uses. Although he is deceived on this one issue, Steve is an excellent speaker and this message, except for the names, is spot on. Please listen:


Here's a link to a video (embedding was disabled) on depopulation, what the NWO is doing and how it will affect you. There are other videos attached to it, which are also quite interesting. One of them talks about the 3-headed Masonic g-d, what its name is and how the Masons "earn" their salvation - interesting.


I, Shushannah, have been saying I was going to record a few of my songs for some time now. Well, I've finally gotten a few of them recorded and made into videos, which are uploaded to YouTube. Although I wrote this first song, "Are You Teachable," almost two years ago, I've just recently recorded it and made a video to go along with the words. It's one of my most-requested tunes.
This is my latest song, "Am Echad." This version is a "live" recording done for the "We Stand with Israel" Concert, which aired on March 24th of this year in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

This  one is called "Lion of Yahudah, Prince of Peace." I wrote this song in the 8th biblical month of the Gregorian year 2011.

Here's another one of my original songs that I recently uploaded to YouTube. It's called, "Miracles," and was written and recorded in the year 2000 on a small 4-track tape machine - an oldie, but I think it's a tobie (goodie - that is, "tob" is Hebrew for the English word "good"). It does use the title, 'lord' twice, which I don't like or agree with now, but at the time, I was unaware of this Truth. Other than this error, I feel it's a tob recording. If I ever get around to re-recording this song, I will change the first use of the title to the Hebrew word, "El" (meaning 'mighty one') and the second use of the title would be changed to "Yah," the poetic form of our Creator's proper Name! Hallelu-Yah!! So, when you sing along, please insert "El" and "Yah" in the place of 'lord.' Thanks.

Here's another song video I uploaded to YouTube: "Children on the Streets," which I wrote and recorded in 1998/1999. It's a little bit different from my other songs, but definitely educational for those who don't realize what our government's intervention in families has caused. They've taken away children from loving homes, putting them into a less than loving system bent on destroying families. That's how we see it. Of course, there are some instances in which their actions have saved children's lives, but for the most part, we believe the state meddling in family affairs is neither Constitutional nor warranted. (Editorial by Shushannah) :)

Here's a video we found that explains why there is so much confusion about the Savior's Name. His Name is Yahusha and this can be verified simply by looking at the Hebrew letters and sounding them out, as a child would. They are Yod Hey Waw Shin Ayin. So, why do so many get it wrong? Watch the video:

Now, I know the following video is a bit different, but it does have its place. It's one of my old favorites, because it is a DOCUMENTARY, not just a story. Perhaps I love "A Lion Called Christian" so much, because I love cats, dogs and all animals. I love the Creator Yahuah, Who made us all, including the animals with whom we share this blue planet. More importantly, in a few short years, His Kingdom will be coming down to earth and the whole creation will be given a kind of "face-lift," in that the nature of the animals will be changed. No longer will the male lion (and other animals) be forced to compete with one another for dominance
 and the right to mate. No more will the lioness (and other carnivores) be required to kill to enjoy a meal; for they will be carnivores no more - but herbivores!
 In Yasha-Yahu 11:6-9 we read that today's predators will eat grain alongside the herbivores. The lion will eat straw like an ox. Their young will lie down together and play together. No creature will harm any other in all Yahuah's "set-apart mountain, for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of Yahuah as the waters cover the sea." Oh how the whole creation groans to see this prophecy come to fruition!! It will be a time when humans will live side-by-side with the animals. No man will hunt them, for his nature will also be changed through Yahuah's Spirit. Even such a thought will bring quick reprimand, for Yahusha Messiah will rule them with a rod of iron (Revelation 19:15); and, we who overcome in this life, will be granted authority to rule alongside Him (Revelation 2:26).

Here's an interview with Ace Bourke and John Rendell about their life with Christian the lion:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


We're animal lovers at and if you care about the animals Yahuah created on this earth, we're giving you an opportunity to help them and their rescuers. works with animal rescuers from all over. When you purchase their products, you help rescue animals in need.

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Perhaps this President caused the Globalists to further bury themselves underground until the present decade. This would have delayed the "New World Order" agenda by quite a few years. Who killed JFK? If you watched Jim Arrabito's documentary, "Behind the Door," you'll know - it was the Jesuits! Kennedy was assassinated, because he loved America more than he loved his Catholic religion. Like all good soldiers, he truly gave his life for his country!

Remember the old Bill Gates? You know - Microsoft whiz kid, the software king, billionaire extraordinare? Well, meet the new Bill Gates - NWO proponent, Globalist, genocidal maniac! They've won him over, because of greed! Please don't let this happen to any of you.

Are you familiar with Aaron Russo? We send out one of his movies, "America: Freedom to Fascism," for FREE (see list below). Well, here's another movie Russo made before his death by ASSASSINATION on August 24, 2007 called, "Mad as Hell." Aaron met and became friends with David Rockefeller shortly after making "America: Freedom to Fascism." Mr. Rockefeller attempted to entice Aaron into the Globalists' agenda of De-population and One World Government, but his love for America, our Constitution and his fellow men caused him to see right through Rockefeller. He refused and became "Mad as Hell!" Here's the full movie:

Because Aaron Russo refused Rockefeller's proposal that he be inducted into the NWO and instead, began to expose that agenda, he was assassinated. Before his death, Russo was interviewed by Alex Jones, a known Jesuit. To cover up the fact that Aaron was assassinated (perhaps by the Jesuits?), Alex insinuates that he died from a long battle with cancer. Here's the full interview.

Here's a link we've put up on our Home Page that we hope you'll check out:
We've repeated it here, because we feel it's important for all our visitors to read it. So, if you missed it the first time, please click on it here, especially if you've bought a copy of "The King's Covenant, OS E1." Things aren't always what they seem to be. :)

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